Jonathan Shanklin

This page points to the latest information on BAS ozone measurements and information about Antarctic weather. We also have pages on current and historic Antarctic meteorological data. There are also links to some local information.

I retired from the British Antarctic Survey at the end of March 2012 and am now an Emeritus Fellow.  I used to be Head of  the Meteorology and Ozone Monitoring Unit (MOMU) and ran the operational side of the BAS weather measurements. MOMU employs scientists to make measurements in the Antarctic and each year there are two or three vacancies for new recruits.  For a first hand account of what the job is like see the account by Alex Gaffikin. Current vacancies are advertised on the BAS jobs page. This map may help visitors to find BAS.

I visited the Antarctic quite regularly to install new meteorological equipment, inspect the meteorological measurements being carried out or to solve problems with the equipment.  I was in Antarctica from mid February to the end of March 2004 installing a new computer system for weather forecasting. I visited South Georgia in February and March 2006. I went to Rothera from January to February 2008 to commission a new sun photometer.  In January and February 2010 I visited to King Edward Point on South Georgia to install a new electronic raingauge and inspect the GCOS station.  From December 2011 to March 2012 I am visiting Halley station to supervise the move of the ozone and climate monitoring equipment from Halley 5 to the new Halley 6 station.  In total I made 19 visits south.

I give public lectures to a number of organisations, so if you want first hand information on ozone, weather or comets do come along. This photo shows me making ozone measurements in the Antarctic and I usually found the time to go out skiing a few times. There is some further background information on myself in this abbreviated cv.

I still play cricket with the BAS Cricket team.  I am Director of the British Astronomical Association's Comet Section and provide the latest information on comets on the Section web page. I am also President of the Cambridge Natural History Society.  I am a keen botanists and am nominated to be the botanical co-recorder for Cambridgeshire.  Another hobby is bell-ringing. Local groups include The Guild and The Society of Cambridge Youths . I am Tower Captain at St Benet's, which practices on Friday evening.

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