Funded Projects


Involved in WP 4.1, looking at ice-sheet models of past and present inter-glacials. Other BAS people are Eric Wolff and Louise Sime.


Involved in WPs 2.1 (Frank Pattyn, Grounding Line) and 5.2 and 5.3 (both Tony Payne) which involve AIS/GrIS modelling and Peninsula modelling respectively. Working with Rob Arthern, Nick Barrand, Gisela Hiess and Rosie Williams from BAS.

SW Ronne Retreat

I am PI of this NERC-funded project, with Hugh Corr, Ed King, Carlos Martin and Rob Mulvaney (BAS); Mike Bentley (Durham); Project Partners Nancy Bertler (VUW); Howard Conway (UW), Fabien Gillet (LGGE) and Matt King (Newcastle). Using Raymond Effect Dating in the SW Ronne ice-rises, with rheology constrained by radar strain-rate measurements, to date retreat of grounding line in SW Ronne area. Two field seasons, 2013-14 and 2014-15 .

Retreat of Ross Ice Shelf and Roosevelt Drilling Project

Part of Howard Conway's USAP Roosevelt project, which is run in association with Nancy Bertler's RICE drilling project.  I went there with the pRES in season 2010-11. 

Foundation Ice Stream Exposure Age Dating

With Mike Bentley, Andreas Vieli and Pippa Whitehouse.Mike collected rocks for exposure age dating in season 2009-10; Pippa is going to model the implications for AIS history with help from Andreas and me.

Palmer Land GPS

With Matt King and Mike Bentley. Measuring the PGR using continuous GPS in Palmer Land.

pRES at Summit and NEEM

I was  PI of this NERC-funded project, with Hugh Corr, Adrian Jenkins and Ed King; PDRA was Fabien Gillet-Chaulet. Uses the BAS phase-sensitive radar to infer the Glen index for ice-flow.

Lake Ellsworth Geophysical Survey

Geophysical survey of sub-glacial Lake Ellsworth for the main drilling project. With Martin Siegert, Neil Ross, John Woodward and, from BAS, Andy Smith, Hugh Corr, Ed King and David Vaughan.


With Chris Clark and many others. Getting data about drumlins guided by modelling activities.

Unfunded Projects

These are model intercomparisons.


Intercomparison of higher-order and full Stokes solvers. I contributed five models: two full Stokes, one LMLa, one L1L2 and one L1L1.


Marine ice-sheet model intercomparison, which I organised with Frank Pattyn and Christian Schoof.