Richard Hindmarsh

Richard C.A. Hindmarsh, Science Programmes, British Antarctic Survey, High Cross, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0ET, GREAT BRITAIN. +44-1223-221495,

I am a glaciologist working at BAS, running a work-package called ISM (Ice-sheet modelling) in the Ice Sheets Project

Glaciologists examine the behaviour of ice-sheets, how they flow, how they interact with the atmosphere, ocean and geological substrate. I am an ice-sheet modeller and radioglaciologst. I formulate, analyse and solve equations describing the flow of ice, heat and subglacial sediment and water. Generally solutions need to be obtained numerically, but certain analytical or semi-analytical procedures are also useful. I run radars in the field and try to understand the implications for ice-flow using by modelling. My guiding aim is to do "ESS glaciology", by which I mean the glaciology that is required for understanding how ice-sheets have operated in the global system. 

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My  bibliography gives a fuller view of my research interests.

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Over recent years at BAS I have worked on

  • stability of marine ice-sheets (with Sarah Bradley, Anne-Sophie Drouet, David Docquier, Gaël Durand, Olivier Gagliardini, Manu Le Meur, Frank Pattyn, and Thomas Zwinger)
  • ice-sheet mechanics (with Christian Schoof and with Frank Pattyn and the MISMIP team)
  • ice-sheet model numerics and thermo-mechanical coupling in ice-sheets (with Gisela Hiess)
  • basal processes, sediment deformation and glacial erosion (with Chris Clark, Tim Creyts, Paul Dunlop, Andrew Fowler, Ed King, Ed Kite, Felix Ng, Olga Sergienko, Matteo Spagnolo and Chris Stokes)
  • initialisation of ice-sheet models (with Rob Arthern, Nick Barrand and Rosie Williams),
  • radar sounding (with Tolly Aðalgeirsdóttir, Rob Bingham, Howard Conway, Hugh Corr, Fabien Gillet-Chaulet, Ed King, Jonny Kingslake and Robert Mulvaney)
  • analysis and modelling of radar records (with Rob Bingham, Hugh Corr, Fabien Gillet-Chaulet, Gisela Hiess, Jack Holt, Nanna Karlsson, Ed King, Gwendolyn Leysinger Vieli, Fred Parrenin, Martin Siegert and Louise Sime)
  • ice-divide modelling and motion (with Fabien Gillet-Chaulet, Carlos Martín, Paco Navarro, Nadine Nereson, Charlie Raymond)
  • ice-coring projects (with Nerilie Abrams, Nancy Bertler, Howard Conway and Rob Mulvaney)
  •  the history of Antarctica (with Brian Anderson, Mike Bentley, Sarah Bradley, Howard Conway, Alan Hayward, Dan Hill, Matt King, Sjoerd Kluiving, Wendy Lawson, Paul Valdes, Andreas Vieli, Dick van der Wateren, Pippa Whitehouse and Anja Verbers)