Dr William Connolley / Senior Scientific Officer / Climate Modeller / Physical Sciences Division

I work on various aspects of Antarctic Climate. For the last few years I have been heavily involved with sea ice modelling, implementing, tuning and verifying the elastic-viscous-plastic sea ice dynamics scheme within the Hadley Centre's model HadCM3 (Connolley et al. 2003; Turner et al, 2001), and implementing more physcially based parametrisations of seaice-related processes, e.g. the ocean to ice heat flux. Previously, in backwards order, I have worked on understanding the warming seen around the Antarctic peninsula by comparison of climate models and observations (Vaughan et al, 2003; Connolley and O'Farrell, 1998) the Antarctic Circumpolar Wave, its long-term variation, and possible wider links to ENSO (Connolley, 2002); Antarctic atmospheric variability (Lachlan-Cope et al., 2001; Connolley, 1997); improvements to the surface heat flux parametrisation in GCMs (King and Connolley, 2000 and 1997) and the surface mass balance of Antarctica, its representation in GCMs, and atmospheric moisture transport to Antarctica (Connolley and King, 1996).


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