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21-25 August 2006
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It is our pleasure to invite you to the International Glaciological Society Symposium on Crospheric Indicators of Global Climate Change in Cambridge U.K. at the Scott Polar Research Institute

Latest News

  • Registration desk open in SPRI from 16:00 on Sunday - see 3rd circular.
  • Third circular available here.
  • Internet access will be availble during the conference. If you wish to use you own laptop the University (who are providing the access) require to know you MAC address. this can be found by (on windows NT/2000 or xp):

    * Using your mouse, click on the Start Button.

    * Click on Programs.

    * Next, click on Accessories, and then Command Prompt.

    * Once a small black window appears, type in ipconfig /all (with a space between the g and the /).

    * Locate the number to the right of Physical Address. This is your MAC address.

  • Revised version of the preliminary programme is now available - see under programme.
  • The Lake District Tour has been cancelled.
  • Poster boards will be A0 - landscape.
  • Abstracts submission has now closed. In total 292 abstracts have been submitted.

The cryosphere, consisting of snow cover, sea-, lake- and river-ice, glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets, and frozen ground including permafrost, is a fundamentally important part of the global climate system. Many components of the cryosphere respond sensitively and very visibly to climate changes. Cryospheric changes provide important information about past climatic conditions in regions where other climate observations are sparse, and they have significant implications for global sea level, regional water resources and both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Feedbacks between the cryosphere and other components of the climate system play a key role in how the climate system evolves over time. In situ observations, remote sensing, the analysis of proxy records and numerical modeling all contribute to understanding the dynamics of cryospheric change and cryosphere/climate interactions. Building on the foundation laid by the 1st CliC International Science Conference, held in Beijing in April 2005, this symposium will promote discussion of the evidence for changes in all components of the global cryosphere, their interdependence and causes, our current ability to model these changes, and what they tell us about changing global climate.
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