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Position of the RRS James Clark Ross and RRS Ernest Shackleton

The images show the tracks of RRS James Clark Ross (in blue), and RRS Ernest Shackleton (in green). The positions are taken from meteorological reports from the ships. The German research vessel Polarstern is also shown, in orange.

The image at the left shows all the ships delivering meteorological reports recently south of about latitude 20 S.

The other images at the bottom show the areas around Halley station, Rothera station, and other areas of interest.

All Antarctica Atlantic Quadrant Near Halley Near Rothera S of Africa
Picture of ships south of 20 S Picture of ships tracks - general Picture of ships tracks near Halley Picture of ships tracks near Rothera Picture of ships tracks S of Africa

The red symbols mark the last known positions. The tracks are derived from meteorological reports produced by the ships (see metlog for further information) and these are not produced while the ships are in port. The tracks are updated every six hours (0, 6, 12 and 18 GMT).

Sea ice data from yesterday are also shown. The data are provided by NOAA MMAB group. An animation of the last 30 days of sea ice conditions is available at

The latest ship meteorological reports are available: JCR, Ernest Shackleton.

The simple track data for both vessels are available: JCR, Ernest Shackleton.

Other ships are available (warning: only accessible by call-sign) from ships-met.html.

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