Phil Anderson

Boundary Layer Meteorologist

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Phone: +44 1631 559245
Snail: Dr. Phil Anderson, Scottish Association for Marine Science, Scottish Marine Institute, Oban, Argyll, PA37 1QA.

Micrometeorological data from the Halley Instrumented Clean Air Sector: 2003 to present.

Overview of the instrumentation and data available.

2003 30 m mast Profiles
2003 Radiation data
2003 Snow temperature profiles
2003 Microbarograph analysis
2003 Turbulence Summary
2003 Profiling IOPs summary

2004 30 m mast Profiles
2004 Radiation data
2004 Snow temperature profile
2004 Turbulence Summary

2005 30 m mast Profiles
2005 Radiation data
2005 Snow temperature profiles data

2006 30 m mast Profiles
2006 Radiation data
2006 Snow temperature profiles data

2007 30 m mast Profiles

Other data/meta data
Tilt correction technique applied to the sonic anemometer data.
Data processing used to derive 1 minute means from raw logged data, including de-spike, de-trend and cross product formulation.
Data coverage for sonic anemometers: raw, binary and processed.
Microbarograph array map and data coverage from 2003 to 2007
Shortwave radiation comparison to Streamer and tilt error

Sodar pages : data images from the Halley monstatic acoustic radar. Years include
1997 and 1998 Radiation Pages : global, diffuse and reflected shortwave, incoming and outgoing longwave.

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Z-Fids: Halley Bay 1956-present infomation and history of the Halley Bay / Halley bases and winterers.

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