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Antarctic Meteorology Online from the British Antarctic Survey

Met. Reps
----- ships -----
E Shackleton
----- land -----
Dumont D'
Halley Bay
([14 13Z] -22.7)
Fossil Bluff
San Martin
Marion Is.
([14 12Z] -11.8)

Try the "Comprehensible User Interface!" or the FAQ. Some station metadata (and indeed much climate data) is available from the READER project metadata. In particular, the READER (meta)data is a good place to check overall data availability, in case you try searching here and don't find data when you expect.

If you want a simple, easy-to-use guide to recent Antarctic weather reports, then look no further! If you know the name of the station that you want, then use the Selected Stations list. If you are interested in a particular area, you may prefer to use the Clickable Map interface. If you want all the stations we decode, then look at the oracle interface below, or the list of all land, ship or buoy stations.

If you are interested in a complex, easy-to-use (or so I pride myself) interface to our longer-term archives, look at the interface to our oracle database. Note that most of the data is daily; for long-term monthly means see the READER project pages

I can tell you where the information comes from and how it is decoded. The latest decoded reports that we have are at least 10 minutes old, and any given (well-behaved) station should have a report from sometime in the last 6 hours. The met reports are all fed into the GTS and used (amongst other things) for weather prediction. You can see what observations go into the ECMWF model (worldwide).

More data from: public_data.


Info about updates, bugs, downtime... possibly even info about stations...

We have an Explanation of the column headings used in the output and a list of names corresponding to station numbers.

You can also see the full, global (if not up-to-date) WMO station list. But its (1.3M).

Intermediate between these is

Yet another list of AWS numbers and Manned stations.

You can see a picture of our buoy data year by year back to 1993

If you have questions concerning operational met (e.g. why has station X not reported for the last 3 days) then please address them to Steve Colwell. If you have questions concerning the presentation or correct functioning of these web pages, then please address them to

Metlog is a free service. But if you like it, why not send a postcard from your home location to: Met Section, BAS, High Cross, Cambridge, CB3 0ET, UK. Thanks!

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