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SCAR Expert Group on Operational Meteorology in the Antarctic

& WMO EC-PHORS Antarctic Task Team

The SCAR Expert Group on Operational Meteorology in the Antarctic is a sub group of the SCAR Standing Scientific Group on Physical Sciences (SSG/PS).  The Chairman of the Expert Group is Steve Colwell (S.Colwell@bas.ac.uk).  If you would like to join the Group please contact him.  The Antarctic Task Team is a sub group of the WMO Executive Council team on Polar and High Mountain Observations, Research and Services.  The Chair of the ATT is Steve Colwell.  Membership is by invitation.  Jon Shanklin (J.Shanklin@bas.ac.uk), former chair of the Group and the ATT, currently maintains these pages. 

Latest news: 
1.  2016 April 1 - To date at least 97 ships have visited Antarctic waters this season.  Only 27 reported meteorological observations on the GTS.
2.  2016 March 4 - To date at least 92 ships have visited Antarctic waters this season.  Only 27 have reported meteorological observations on the GTS.
3.  2016 February 5 - To date at least 85 ships have visited Antarctic waters this season.  Only 26 have reported meteorological observations on the GTS.
4.  2016 January 14 - Two new German stations 89011 (Soerasen) and 89047 (Filchner) added to the AntON listing.  SYNOPs from these stations are now available.
5.  2016 January 4 - To date at least 57 ships have visited Antarctic waters this season.  Only 16 have reported meteorological observations on the GTS.
6.  2015 November 2 - Stations 89079 (Criosfera 1) and 89776 (Bharati) added to the AntON listing.  SYNOPS from these stations have been available for some time.
7.  2015 August 3 - SYNOPs from 89536 and 89558 available on the GTS since July 9
8.  2015 May 1 - During 2014/15 at least 82 ships visited Antarctic waters.  Only 23 reported meteorological observations.

Old News Members of SCAR EG-OMA and WMO ATT (Updated 2014 December 1)
Details of how to register for the .aq (Antarctic) domain. Antarctic Station details (Updated 2016 March 18 - changes are highlighted)
WMO AntON listing (Updated 2016 April 29)  

UK Met Office global monitoring
ECMWF global monitoring NCDC data list
AMPS usage stats (Pressure; site also gives temperature, humidity & wind)
Operational GSN stations with missing CLIMAT messages in the last 12 months (2015 March to 2016 February, updated 2016 April) are:  68906 (July), 89272 (May), 89573 (August), 89625 (October), 89662 (November, December, February), 89828 (May, June, July, August) and 89879 (June, July, August).  Non or partially operational GSN stations are: 68992 and 89327.  Please check our GCOS AntON CLIMAT and SYNOP monitoring if your station is listed here and resend the data for the missing month(s).  See the latest CLIMATs  to check if your report has been received at BAS. See CLIMAT data for Antarctic AWS for all the University of Wisconsin AWS. The first seven stations to submit CLIMAT reports for 2016 March were Neumayer, McMurdo, Bellingshausen, Novolazarevskaya, Progress, Mirnyj and Vostok.  

WMO no longer require distribution of the CLIMAT TEMP message and monitoring of these has ceased.  See the TEMP monitoring below for performance.

BAS GTS monitoring
BAS GCOS AntON monitoring:  Where we see problems with receipt of SYNOP, TEMP or CLIMAT messages stations or operators will be notified by email.  Several AWS experience problems with low battery voltages restricting real-time transmissions during the winter.   All GUAN stations are now carrying out at least some radiosonde flights each month.  Several stations experience problems with balloons bursting early during the winter due to low stratospheric temperatures.  
  • AntON CLIMAT monitoring in 2016 (automated)
  • AntON CLIMAT monitoring in 2015 (manual) / 2015 (automated)
  • AntON CLIMAT monitoring in 2014
  • AntON CLIMAT monitoring in 2013
  • AntON CLIMAT monitoring in 2012
  • AntON CLIMAT monitoring in 2011
  • ABCN CLIMAT monitoring in 2010
  • ABCN CLIMAT monitoring in 2009
  • ABCN CLIMAT monitoring in 2008
  • ABCN CLIMAT monitoring in 2007
  • ABCN CLIMAT monitoring in 2006
If the SYNOP or TEMP message percentage given here is lower than you think it should be, please check your GTS routing.  Prior to 2015 TEMP monitoring is included with the SYNOP reports.
  • AntON SYNOP monitoring in 2016 (automated),
  • AntON SYNOP monitoring in 2015 (manual) / 2015 (automated)
  • AntON SYNOP monitoring in 2014
  • AntON SYNOP monitoring in 2013
  • AntON SYNOP monitoring in 2012
  • AntON SYNOP monitoring in 2011
  • ABCN SYNOP monitoring in 2010
  • AntON TEMP monitoring 2016 (automated)
  • AntON TEMP monitoring 2015 (automated)

Ships reporting in 2004/05 Ships reporting in 2005/06
Ships reporting in 2006/07 Ships reporting in 2007/08
Ships reporting in 2008/09 Ships reporting in 2009/10
Ships reporting in 2010/11 Ships reporting in 2011/12
Ships reporting in 2012/13 Ships reporting in 2013/14
Ships reporting in 2014/15 Ships reporting in 2015/16 [Updated 2016 April 1]
Sign up to send met reports through Yotreps Latest list of ships with significant errors/biases in their reports
Download electronic met logbook software from the VOS website Download Turbowin and instruction for sending messages here
Oceanographic ship locations (Sailwx) Ship locations (Sailwx)
Live ships map (Marine Traffic) Palmer AIS (APRS.fi)

Coding aircraft observations (Draft)

Overland traverses 
Reporting traverse observations (Draft)

Forecasting and Forecasts
BAS Antarctic Weather Forecasting Manual International Antarctic Weather Forecasting Manual [updated 2009 June]
Antarctic Mesoscale Prediction System Forecast products from Byrd Polar Research Center of Ohio State University UV forecasts from SCIAMACHY
Antarctic ensemble plots  from the Australian BoM & CSIRO Forecasts for Norwegian Antarctic sites
TAFs and Forecast charts generated at Rothera for BAS operations Forecasts for Dronning Maud Land Air Network (DROMLAN)

University of Wisconsin Real time weather data and displays WMO Polar Observations, Research and Services
Argentinian Antarctic weather information Australian Antarctic weather information
Brazilian Antarctic weather information Chilean weather information
Italian Antarctic weather information
Russian Antarctic weather information Russian weather server for Antarctica and sub Antarctic islands
Polar View Antarctic portal UK Antarctic weather information
SCAR READER database

Other Programmes
International Polar Year International Programme for Antarctic Buoys
Automatic Observations on Glaciers WMO/JCOMM Expert Team on Sea Ice

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