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Public Met Data

The following data are provided for general public use. If it is used in a publication, please use the appropriate contact to discuss the correct citation.

General Questions (excluding citation questions) should be addressed to:

Historical Meteorological Data [Contact: (S. Colwell)]

The links below in this section remain available but are not being updated. You are recommended to look at READER data .

Monthly mean temperature, pressure, total cloud amount and wind speed (knots) data for four Antarctic stations: Faraday (from 1956 to 1995, contuinued thereafter as Vernadsky), Halley (from 1957), Rothera (from 1976), Signy (from 1956. Note: the Signy '95 temperature values are unreliable due to instrument problems), Bellingshausen (from 1944), Orcadas (from 1903). Note that Orcadas is quite close to Signy so can be used (with care) to "extend" the Signy record.

Temperature Data: Annual, seasonal and monthly temperature statistics including trends are available for a number of stations here.

The monthly averages of daily max/min temperatues are also available for these stations: Halley, Rothera.

Metadata (instrument history, etc) is available.

Current Station Data [Contact: (Steve Colwell)]

Daily data (SYNOP (land+ship), BUOY, TEMP) from the Global Telecommunications System, decoded, for all Antarctic stations: Metlog. There is also a clickable-map interface.

The latest report from each station (decoded about every hour) is available for ships and for land stations.

Ozone Data [Contact: (J Shanklin)]

A certain amount of ozone data is available, in the form of graphs and bulletins.

Radiosonde data [Contact: (Steve Colwell)]

Recent radiosonde data is available vi the oracle interface, here or earlier years via the full interface.

Data for 1980,1,2,8,9 and 1990 is available in files by month and year: wmc-radiosonde-export.

CLAMP data

See the CLAMP page.

Southern Oscillation Index - SOI [Contact: (S. Harangozo)]

SOI data (monthly, from 1866) is available from soi. This is not BAS-original data.

Other Peoples Data

Monthly historical temperature series for the whole world can be found at the The Global Historical Climatology Network - GHCN

The Climatic Research Unit at UEA has a lot of useful climatic data

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