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This is the home page for the science aspects of the meteorology section at BAS/PSD.

The contents here and below are primarily for scientific collaborators. For general-purpose descriptions of our science programs, etc, please see the "Science" button above, or Science/Programmes/acp/.


  1. READER climatological data
  2. Metlog (general meteorological data) and Meteorological data (some stuff not covered by Metlog)
  3. Ozone and Ozone data
  4. Surface Temperatures by G. Marshall
  5. Climate data
  6. Halley Monostatic Sodar
  7. CLAMP project data


  1. Antarctic climate change - a position statement - a part of the main BAS site, but you'll never find it there, so I've linked to it.
  2. The Iceshelf disintegration stuff from the old server...
  3. Locations of JCR, Shackleton
  4. Beowulf and PUM vn4.5
  5. Antarctic Weather and Climate pamphlet

Projects and such

  1. HiGEM
  2. AP2004 workshop
  3. Programs hosted here


  1. P S Anderson
  2. J D Shanklin
  3. John Turner

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