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Airborne radio-echo sounding (RES) measurements to investigate widespread enhanced flow in the interior of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, 2001


Airborne radio-echo sounding (RES) measurements of surface elevation, bed topography and ice thickness were made across the Bailey/Slessor region of East Antarctica. The primary objective of this research was to investigate the newly discovered complex flow in a region of the interior of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. To do this, the surface, englacial and basal flow regime of a region of complex flow associated with the upper part of the Bailey/Slessor glacier system was investigated using 150 MHz airborne radio-echo sounding (RES) equipment mounted on the airborne survey Twin Otter aircraft. The effective along track sampling interval = 25 m and across track spacing = 40 km.

BEDMAP, RES, SAR interferometry, complex flow, englacial, radio echo sounding

Basic Information