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Antarctica's Gamburtsev Province (AGAP) Project - radio-echo sounding data


Radio-echo sounding data was collected using 150 MHz ice-penetrating radars with bandwidths of 15-20 MHz. This data was collected as part of the seven nation Antarctica's Gamburtsev Province (AGAP) expedition during the International Polar Year 2007-2009, and used to acquire a detailed image of the ice sheet bed deep in the interior of East Antarctica.

Airborne geophysical methods were used to understand the fundamental structure shrouded beneath Dome A. Two twin Otter aircraft - one BAS, one United States Antarctic Program (USAP) equipped with ice-sounding radars, laser ranging systems, gravity meters and magnetomemeters, operated from camps located on either side of Dome A.

Gamburtsev Province, aerogeophysics, radio-echo sounding

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