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Ice Nuclei and Meteorological Data, Mount Rex, Antarctica Jan-Feb 2002


The sampling programme was carried out successfully using kites and helium balloon assisted kites to sample in both low and higher winds speeds. Air samples were successfully processed using the Ice Nucleus chamber for a variety of wind directions representing a range of air mass trajectories and source regions. The aim was to sample air that had passed over land (the Peninsula), sea (Bellingshausen and Weddell) or ice (the plateau) and compare the size and quantity of ice crystals transported.

Data was collected using our own Automatic Weather Station (AWS), also an ADAS tether sonde system, some radiosondes, a sensor and logger attached to the ice-crystal replicator system and an Ice Nucleus chamber.

The collection was made during a month-long period in January and February, 2002, at a site east of Weatherheaven.

Atmospheric Soundings, Ice nucleus concentrations, cloud particle size spectra

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