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Rock and fossil samples collected from James Ross Island, Antarctica


To provide further stratigraphic resolution through the Gustav Group a key section through the Kotick Point, Whisky Bay and Hidden Lake formations, adjacent to Brandy Bay on northern James Ross Island was re-measured and sampled for both Sr isotope stratigraphy and palynostratigraphy. In total, a sedimentary succession about 1600m thick, that encompasses the initial three stages of the Upper Cretaceous period, was measured and a suite of invertebrate macrofossils, palynology samples, palaeobotanical and general lithological samples were collected along the lines of measured samples.

Sr isotope stratigraphy, Upper Cretaceous sedimentary rocks, invertebrate macrofossils, lithological samples, palaeobotanical samples, palynology samples, palynostratigraphy

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