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Bioacoustic backscatter data collected on James Clark Ross cruise JR58, 2001


Bioacoustic data collected aboard the James Clark Ross cruise JR58 in 2001. A net-mounted multi-frequency sonar - TUBA (Towed Undulating BioAcoustics) - was deployed on 15 of the net hauls made during this cruise. Data consists of acoustic backscatter measured at 4 frequencies (175, 250, 370 and 920kHz). The backscatter is attributed mainly to Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) and salps (Salpa sp) and was collected as part of a project to determine the structure of zooplankton aggregations by multi-frequency acoustics and nets.

backscatter, bioacoustic, net hauls, sonar data, zooplankton aggregations

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