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Geochemical analysis of rock samples acquired by dredging during James Clark Ross cruise JR77, Scotia Sea, 2004


Geochemical analysis of rock samples acquired by dredging activities in the Scotia Sea between Feb and Mar 2004 aboard James Clark Ross (cruise no JR77).

The initial aim of this project was to carry out a higher resolution geochemical study of mantle flow using existing samples. This confirmed flow from the Bouvet domain into the East Scotia Sea and placed constraints on flow pathways. The second stage was to sample further within the West Scotia Sea and to use elemental and isotope (Sr, Nd, Pb, Hf) analyses to fingerprint mantle provenance. The results were used to locate and investigate the nature of the Pacific-South Atlantic mantle domain boundary and thus to contribute to the understanding and quantification of global upper mantle fluxes.

axial rift, global upper mantle fluxes, mantle domain boundary, mantle flow, oceanic rock, spreading centre

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