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Dredged rock samples collected on James Clark Ross cruise JR77, Scotia Sea, 2004


Dredging for rock samples was conducted in the West Scotia Sea during James Clark Ross cruise no JR77 between Feb and Mar 2004. The aim was to acquire rock samples to constrain the history of the mantle beneath the Scotia Sea, from which the oceanic crust was derived by melting. Twenty days of rock dredging were conducted at fourteen sites in five main areas. Thirteen dredges were successful in recovering oceanic rocks of mixed sizes, up to and including very large boulders and dredge paths of up to 1 km were followed. The cruise also (remarkably) recovered fresh mantle peridotite nodules from the West Scotia Ridge, the first of its type - to our knowledge - from the world's ocean ridge system.

axil rift, dredge, global upper mantle fluxes, mantle domain boundary, mantle flow, mantle provenance, oceanic rock, peridotite, spreading centre

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