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Swath bathymetry data collected during RRS James Clark Ross cruise JR104, Bellingshausen Sea, 2004


Swath bathymetry data were collected using a EM120 multibeam echo sounder and the TOPAS sub-bottom profiling system aboard the RRS James Clark Ross (JR104) in the Bellingshausen Sea, 2004.

This work was carried out as part of the first systematic investigation of the former ice drainage basin in the southern Bellingshausen Sea. Reconnaissance data collected on previous cruises JR04 (1993) and cruises of R/V Polarstern in 1994 and 1995 suggested that this area contained the outlet of a very large ice drainage basin during late Quaternary glacial periods. The data and samples collected allowed us to address questions about the timing and rate of grounding line retreat from the continental shelf, the dynamic character of the ice that covered the shelf, and its influence on glaciomarine processes on the adjacent continental slope.

West Antarctic Ice Sheet, acoustic , echo-sounder, glacial lineations, glacial trough, glaciomarine, grounding line retreat, grounding-zone wedges, ice drainage basin, ice sheet bed, palaeo-ice stream

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