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Type and Figured Fossil Collection

Specimen Details

Hoploparia stokesi Weller

No image available  

NHM specimen number
In. 60125

Type Status

Higher Taxonomy
Kingdom Animalia 
Phylum Arthropoda 
Subphylum Crustacea 
Class Malacostraca 
Order Decapoda 
Life Life 

Lower Campanian - Paleocene

No data available.

James Ross Island


  • Feldmann, R.M., Tshudy, D.M. (1989)
    Evolutionary patterns in macrurous decapod crustaceans from Cretaceous to early Cenozoic rocks of the James Ross Island group, Antarctica
    Origins and evolution of the Antarctic biota, 183-195
    p. 186
  • Tshudy, D.M., Feldmann, R.M. (1988)
    Macruran decapods, and their epibionts, from the Lopez de Bertodano Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Seymour Island, Antarctica
    Geology and paleontology of Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula, 291-301
    pp. 292, 295

The data provided on this page is taken from the most recent publication citing this specimen. Taxonomic names and geological ages are largely subjective and may have been assigned differently in previous publications.