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Type and Figured Fossil Collection

Specimen Details

Retrorsichela laevis

Retrorsichela laevis

Other views:

Retrorsichela laevis
Dorsal view
Scale in centimetres

NHM specimen number

Type Status

Higher Taxonomy
Kingdom Animalia 
Phylum Arthropoda 
Subphylum Crustacea 
Class Malacostraca 
Order Decapoda 
Life Life 

Late Santonian - ?middle Campanian

No data available.

James Ross Island


  • Feldmann, R.M. (1993)
    Fossil mole crabs from Late Cretaceous rocks on James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula
    Antarctic Journal of the United States, 28, No. 5, 46-48
    p. 47; fig. 2A
  • Feldmann, R.M., Tshudy, D.M., Thomson, M.R.A. (1993)
    Late Cretaceous and Paleocene decapod crustaceans from James Ross Basin, Antarctic Peninsula
    Paleontological Society Memoir, 28, 41pp
    p. 28; figs. 19.1,19.2

The data provided on this page is taken from the most recent publication citing this specimen. Taxonomic names and geological ages are largely subjective and may have been assigned differently in previous publications.